Wheelchair sidecar and tandem tow 3

When we were in NYC, I had a couple of high pain days when we were scheduled to be out and about visiting museums.  Luckily both days the museums had a wheelchair I could borrow.  But it was really hard to push myself around.  So Brad hooked an umbrella around his chair and I grabbed onto the other end of the umbrella, and he towed me around the museums!  When there was a bit more space, I went up next to Brad and held on to his armrest like a sidecar.

Here is a “silent” movie we made to show how we went around the museum in this manner.  Fun fun!  And so helpful for my high pain days!


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3 thoughts on “Wheelchair sidecar and tandem tow

  • Deb and Dakota

    Hilarious and inventive at the same time! Brad, you’re looking quite handsome – have you trimmed your beard?

    The “production” of this video is great: The fleur de lis, the antiquey music, the black and white, and the speeded up video all contributed to a great minute of visual fun!

  • Deb and Dakota

    Who was it that first said the crass comment of “The handicapped – they’re fun to watch”. Y’all are BOTH fun to watch as you figure out innovative ways to get around, and get things done – great job – as usual!