Ollie’s haircut

Over the past week, I’ve been giving Ollie a haircut.  Yes, I did say over the past week!  I started out by shaving his feet.  Then I did one back leg, then the other.  Next was each front leg with associated chest.  One side of his body, the other side, and finally head and tail!

But boy does he look regal!  I love a poodle shaved this way, with a #10 blade all over.  I think the #10 blade leaves hair about 1/4 inch long, and I do this on his head and ears and everything, which are usually left long in a poodle.

It also allows you to see how beautiful his hair is when it is freshly groomed.  The undercoat shows through, and the undercoat is a really nice silver color.  You can see he is lighter on his legs than his body.

In the picture, he is standing in front of our fireplace, one of his favorite spots to hang out and cool off because of the tile in front of it!

Silver standard poodle shaved down

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