Rest day with Brad 1

Bearded man holding Wii remote and long brown haired woman with glasses holding a small black and white dog.Brad and I decided to take a day off today!  I was still feeling a bit iffy from my tummy problems yesterday, so we took swimming off the calendar.  Instead we’ve just been hanging out with each other, watching Netflix, playing the Wii, and generally having a good time!

My  new phone arrived, finally!  So I may now be able to get emojis in my texts and pictures, too!  We’ll have to see!  I tried it out by taking a selfie of Brad and me.  Yeah, it’s not a good camera lol.

We haven’t had a day where both of us took the day off on the same day in a looooong time.  Usually one or the other of us has something time sensitive to do.  So yay for us, rest day, hanging out with each other!

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