Getting a Y pass

Tonight after our NAMI meeting, we stopped by the Charlotte Ave YMCA to drop off our paperwork for financial assistance.  If anyone lives in our area, here is the link to visit to find the financial assistance information:

YMCA Financial Assistance Program

Shorter blond woman filling out YMCA paperwork and smiling a huge smile.  She has a blue stripey shirt on.I was very nervous because anything with money makes me nervous, as does doing new things.  But the woman who helped us, Michele, was super nice and helpful.  She took our form, showed us the pool, and helped us apply for a temporary membership until our financial assistance comes through.  We got a couple of pictures of Michele.  In one you see a blond haired shorter woman wearing a blue stripey shirt smiling really big as she is filling out our paperwork.  In the other picture, Michele is blurry in the background, and Hestia’s head is in the foreground, with the focus on her.  She is wearing her red vest.  Love that pic!

Michele answered our myriad questions patiently, and before we decided that we would go ahead and get the temporary membership, she wrote down when she was working so we could see her and apply for it later on if we decided we wanted to.  After seeing the pool, I got so excited, though, that Brad said we could get the temporary membership!

No one said anything bad about Hestia, yay!  There are a couple of places where Brad could stay around the pool and I could set up a crate for Hestia next to him.  Only the indoor pool is open right now, but every weekday at 10AM they have either a low impact water aerobics or water yoga.  I am going to start trying to do this as many days a week as I can.

I also got the schedule for the Rock Hill Aquatics Center, they are about the same distance away from me, so I can go to either YMCA depending on the classes.  I have to admit, I’m really curious about water yoga.  But the Rock Hill Aquatics Center has water aerobic classes starting at 11:15, which is a much more reasonable time of the morning!

Michele in the background, filling out forms.  Hestia's head in the foreground, focused on her.  Hestia is a small black and white dog with a red and mesh service dog vest on.

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