The challenge of re-entering post-convention life 1

I am still recovering from the convention.  But today I met up with a woman who is training her Pyr (Great Pyrenees) as her service dog!  We went to Panera, and had a great time talking with her and her husband.  I am hopeful we will be able to get together more in the future, they seem like really nice people.  And they seemed to appreciate the help.

On the way there, I tried entering the address into our GPS and it didn’t show up!  The restaurant is new, so not on our GPS yet.  I knew about where it was, though, so we pressed on as we were running late.  This made me quite anxious and we had to turn the radio off because it was all just too much stimulation. (Brad says the radio was just turned down, but with my hearing it was off for me!)

On the way home, I had a lot of excess nervous energy, and was doing a lot of flapping to release the energy.  Brad said that it is easy to tell when I am not mentally normal LOL.  As Grumpy Ol’ Fred says, “normal is a setting on the washing machine”.

When I got home, it was clear I had over-estimated my ability to leave the house, so I curled up under my Tink blanket and Hestia jumped on my chest.  She dug the blanket off of my face (probably because she was wanting treats LOL) and wouldn’t let me hide.  I gave her lots of treats because she was doing the exact right thing.

I am feeling better now, but I am thinking I probably will stay home from NAMI tomorrow!  Brad’s illness and mine are both very debilitating that way.  For him, he loses physical energy very quickly and can’t be out for long times because of that.  For me, I lose mental energy very quickly, and have the same limitations.  At least the good thing is that we have each other to relax with at home!

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