A long day of travel

This morning we woke up bright and early and headed off to the airport. Unfortunately we were running late (big surprise).  Then when we got on the road, there was a horrible traffic jam with several accidents!  So we got to the lot to park the car only about 1.5 hrs before our flight left.  We took the shuttle to the airport, and luckily there was no line at checkin.

Since we were running so close on time, the person told us to wait and they’d get someone to escort us.  So we waited….  and waited…..  and waited…  Just when were about to give up and go on our own, the attendant showed up.  He allowed us to cut through security and immediately get up to the point where you put your stuff on the belt be xrayed.  This would have been great, except we were in the wheelchair line and there were three wheelchairs ahead of us.

So we waited….. and waited…. and waited… Finally it was almost our turn.  Then someone’s bag ahead of us set off some alarm!  So they had to evacuate that screening section and we had to join another line!

When it was finally my turn to go through security, I had Hestia go through ahead of me.  She set off the alarm.  The person at security told me I had to take off Hestia’s vest and leash.  I said that no way would I take off her leash in a busy airport, and that they could simply pat her down.

I argued back and forth with the guy, and eventually he told me to carry Hestia through and put my hands over the metal parts of her collar.  That actually worked!  So we didn’t get a pat down after all.

You would think that with that delay we’d be on our way, but no.  Brad had to get patted down, and they were training a new person, so they were very very thorough.  I went ahead to the service animal relief area, where Hestia peed and pooped.  Once Brad was through, we had to hoof it to get to our gate!

We arrived after they had started boarding!  For someone with a wheelchair, this is a worst case scenario.  We had to wait until everyone else boarded, and then Brad had to transfer to the aisle chair and they brought him back to our seat.  Of course everyone was watching and staring, and Brad hates that.

We settled in for the long flight cross country.  But we didn’t get to settle for long because there was a family with a 2 yo, 3 yo, and 4 yo with them sitting in front of us.  The kids alternated between screaming, crying, and standing up in their seats so they could spy on Hestia.  Hestia was a champ.  She just ignored them.

Anyway, things went a little smoother after that.  We arrived in Phoenix and stopped by the service animal relief area, which was a small closet.  While we were in there, another service dog came in.  But the dogs were too interested in sniffing each other to actually potty!  Turns out the dog hadn’t been able to potty in 19 hrs!  And they still had one more leg of the flight to complete!  Yikes!

The last leg of our trip was pretty uneventful.  Except that Brad was having loads of muscle spasms.  Oh yeah he was having those during the first flight, too, and was having trouble speaking during the first flight.  I think we might be done with cross country travel….  it is just so hard on Brad to sit up in the uncomfortable seats for so long.  He really needs to be able to recline.

When we got to San Luis, we were very happy to see Chanda and Kestral!  We got the wheelchair loaded up on the back of Chanda’s SUV, and headed to their house.

Shortly after we arrived, Elaine and Yvie arrived!  A big pack of us, all together.  It was super great!  I love seeing everyone again, and seeing all the dogs.  Elaine and I went to the grocery store together, but Hestia was done with working.  She would not heel for the life of her.  So I ended up just carrying her, since I couldn’t train her.  She was just so done for the day.

We came back and fixed dinner and then hung out for a while.  Now we are all going to bed!  Yay, can’t wait to fall asleep!  Unfortunately Hestia has been spinning in the room like crazy, so I am sitting outside in the chilly night air hoping she will poop if that is what she needs to do. Though I am thinking if she hasn’t pooped by now, maybe she doesn’t need to.

Tomorrow we expect to be a rest day!  We need it after traveling cross country!

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