The hassle of traveling with a disability 2

When we bought our tickets (basic economy) for the convention, I called them to say “service dog” and arrange the wheelchair stuff.  They said no problem for the service dog stuff and told me that since we had a special request (an aisle chair on the larger plane so Brad can access the restroom) that we’d get a call back from them in the week before our flight.

So we’ve been waiting, and no call yet.  I just called them and boy am I glad I did!  It took 40 minutes!  I arranged wheelchair stuff, which took forever.  I had to actually measure Brad’s wheelchair while on the phone with the person!  Luckily it will just barely squeeze into the cargo space on the smaller plane to San Luis Obispo.

As she was assigning us seats, she asked if we wanted to sit in bulkhead, and I told her that we couldn’t because we had basic economy seats and so can’t use the overhead luggage bin.  So she put us in regular seats, but said if we needed bulkhead that would be OK and they would put our stuff overhead.

On the small plane, we are sitting in row 2 which has only one seat in front of it, so nowhere to put carry on bags.  I asked again about basic economy and was told if there wasn’t a seat in front to put a carry on under, that they would allow us to use the overhead space.  Also she said if I had medical equipment to carry on, that it could go in the overhead bin no matter where we sat.

I happened to mention it was good my service dog would be in my lap and she said “Oh there’s no service dog on your ticket”!!!!!!!  I almost flipped out (because people with psychiatric service dogs have to submit documentation at least 48 hrs in advance of flying!).  I started having trouble breathing, instant panic, and Hestia came over to my lap, even though she is still wet from being tortured (bath).

Luckily the person said it was no problem and added it to my ticket without asking if it was a psychiatric service dog.  Thank goodness she didn’t ask!  If she had asked, I wouldn’t have been able to lie, and would have to last minute go through the arduous and discriminatory task of getting Hestia approved to fly.  So she didn’t ask and just added Hestia to my ticket.  Whew!

Now I need to de-stress!  So long to my idea of going to bed at a reasonable hour!  We are going to watch Love Your Garden, and then head off to bed.

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