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Veronica and Hestia in front of an Oak tree covered with Spanish Moss, with the wind blowing in their hair.We are SO lucky that we have family willing to share their vacations with us!  We just got back a few days ago from one of the best vacations I’ve ever had in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  Brad and I went, as did his parents, his brother, his aunt, and his cousin.  We all stayed in one big timeshare unit and had so much fun!

When we arrived in Hilton Head and when we got close, we really enjoyed seeing all the greenery.  We love the Spanish Moss that grows on the trees there.  It is so romantic looking.  Brad got a good picture of Hestia and me with the moss covered trees in the wind.

We did all kinds of fun things while in Hilton Head!  We don’t have pictures of a lot of them, because some family members don’t want their pictures on the internet, so Brad didn’t take many pictures except of me.

Brad’s favorite part of the trip was on the first full day we had– we went to the Scottish Mill Shop!  They had all kinds of knitted/woven wool things.  They had wool blankets, scarves, kilts, sweaters, you name it!  Brad loves wool so he was in his wooly heaven in the shop he he!

Veronica falling out of a tunnel on a playground with Hestia standing back and watching.Later that day, we went to historic Bluffton.  While trying to find the visitor’s center, I spied a fun, nautically-themed park to take advantage of.  There was a tunnel through the playset that I tried to go through.  Unfortunately it was not adult sized!  I didn’t know that when I went in, though, so I got a little stuck!

I couldn’t crawl on my hands and knees, so I ended up having to pull myself out of the tunnel using the tunnel edges and ropes from a nearby cargo net.  Hestia just stood back and watched me.  Brad of course got a whole series of photos of me trying to make it through the tunnel and falling face first out of it when I finally got out!

Veronica holding Hestia as they shoot off the slide.  Veronica is about to fall face first onto the ground, and Hestia is licking her nose.Then I went down the slide– I was surprised Brad okayed this since last time I went down a slide Hestia went flying off the end of it.  But he told me to be very careful and I decided to go ahead and do it.  Of course I fell down at the end of the slide, but I had prepared so that I could let Hestia go as I was falling so I wouldn’t hurt her.

We finally made it to the visitor’s center and Brad got to take pictures of some of the cool stuff inside.  We also went to an historic church that has a hive of bees in the wall!  Once a year they gather honey from the bees and sell it as “Holy Honey”.  We thought that was great!

Brad in his wheelchair with a red plaid blanket on his lap, and a blue scarf on.  He is holding up his hands in frustration at the things blocking the only accessible entrance.The next day we went to another historic town.  This town was not quite that accessible.  They had a really awesome looking shop with all kinds of sari skirts that I LOVE, so we all wanted to go in.  We found a wheelchair ramp around the back of the business.  But the candy shop next door had put all kinds of coin operated thingies out on the walk way.  So Brad’s chair couldn’t fit in.  We were very disappointed, so we didn’t support the inaccessible business. If Brad can’t get in, neither can our family’s money! Since Brad wasn’t on his own, we could at least educate these businesses before we moved on.

We stopped by a museum about the Marines on their boot camp base at Parris Island, and they had lots of old uniforms.  It was really neat to see the evolution of the uniforms.  Brad got lots of closeups of buttons and so on from the museum.

We also went to the base exchange, where we found some shirts on clearance for less than $3 each!  Wow!

The next day we went to Skillets Cafe for lunch, as they had gluten free fried things!  Not just gluten free fry batter, but a whole dedicated gluten free fryer!  We were so happy!

Brad and Veronica on a boardwalk overlooking a marsh.  Brad's beard and Veronica and Hestia's hair are windblown to the right.  Hestia is in her rainbow pouch, and Veronica has a bright yellow shirt on.Then Brad, his dad, and I went to the Coastal Discovery Museum.  They had an exhibit about pirates inside the main house, but most of the museum was outside.  They had a bunch of boardwalks out into the marshland.  It was beautiful!

One of my favorite pictures of the trip is of Hestia and me “listening” to a statue of a bird reading a book out loud.  It was pretty funny!  We also got some pictures of a HUGE tree from 1595!  It had a palm tree growing out of the side of it!  They also had  camilla garden full of blooming plants!  It was so pretty, and the flowers matched my new yellow shirt perfectly!

Veronica and Hestia sitting on a bench with a statue of a bird reading a book.  Veronica and Hestia are pretending to listen to the bird reading from the book!I also managed to partially climb a tree there.  Brad’s dad got pictures of me doing the actual climbing, but Brad missed that part.  He got pics of me up in the tree.  I was very careful when climbing so that I didn’t fall and hurt myself or Hestia (who was in my rainbow pouch).

Brad also got a picture of Hestia and me in front of a big orange sunburst piece of art about 15 feet high.  It is really cool!

Veronica and Hestia in front of an orange sunburst sculpture.

Veronica and Hestia in front of an orange sunburst sculpture.

When we got back to the place we were staying, Brad’s aunt and cousin arrived home from their thrift store shopping.  They had found me two J Crew skirts!  Wow!

We had a lot of fun on this vacation.  Doing fun things while out and about was nice, but what was also nice was that every night we ate dinner together at the timeshare, and then watched the news and Wheel of Fortune, and then the Olympics.  We had a lot of fun talking, laughing, and watching.  I did so well with food on the vacation that I lost a pound!  Yay!

We are home now, and finally mostly recovered from the trip.  It was so worth it.  I hope everyone enjoys all the pictures!


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