Mellow Mushroom and Sam’s 2

A desaturated picture of Hestia and Veronica. The only color is pretty much Veronica's turquoise shirt, otherwise it is shades of grey.Yesterday was an errands day.  I had a psychiatrist appointment, and after that we went to Mellow Mushroom for a late lunch.  We had a groupon which expires very soon, otherwise we were pretty exhausted and wouldn’t have eaten out.  We got some pictures of each other, too.  I am wearing a turquoise top, and Hestia is wearing her Hufflepuff vest.  Brad is wearing dark blue.

Then we went to Sam’s.  Unfortunately the whole reason we went to Sam’s in the first place was to get wiper blades, and wiper blades are one of the two things we forgot to get!  Hummus was the other thing we forgot to get.

A closeup of Brad with a big bushy beard.We got a chance to make a heeling video using a cart.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but looking at the video I see how very far away from me Hestia is heeling.  I think it’s because this is a flowy skirt (turquoise and lime green) and she has to be that far out to see my face.  Which is more important?  Wearing comfy clothes or having a great heel?  LOL!

Here are the pics and video:


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