New way of begging—heeling! 1

I’ve not been doing any heel training really since Saturday because I’ve been so sick with withdrawal from the Klonopin.  But I have been enforcing that whenever it is food time, I make Hestia heel with me across the room to get the food.  Same with going out.  She must heel across the room with me.

So this morning, Hestia woke me up earlier than I wanted to feed the pups.  I figured I’d just wait around for breakfast time to come around for the pups and do some straightening up.

Hestia was watching me closely.  And then, she stood up, came over, got into heel position, and started heeling with me as I walked around the room!  Yayayayayayay!

If heeling is her new way to get breakfast, I’m all for that!

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