Heel position and teeth cleaning 1

Veronica in a jean skirt and a purple sweater with Hestia, a small black and white dog, sits in heel next to her(Video below)  I want to take a survey about how much people enjoy reading my blog entries about heeling.  We’ve started a heeling buddies group and I am trying to make a 2 min video every day focusing on heel work.

Is this interesting to y’all who read my blog or facebook posts?  Or should I only post the videos to my blog when they are special in some way?


Today we worked on heel position more with getting into heel position and walking just a step or two in heel and keeping Hestia’s attention and body focused on staying with me.  She is doing a lot better with this.

I meant to work on front as well, but forgot.  Maybe that’s what I’ll work on tomorrow?  Or maybe tomorrow since we are going out for lunch I’ll ask for some receipts to scatter on the ground and work on more leave-it training.

Hestia loves to clean Ollie’s teeth.  Today I was feeling down so Hestia ran over and jumped on top of me and started licking me.  She was being so cute that I started laughing and she popped her head in my mouth to more fully clean my teeth!  Of course I couldn’t stop laughing, and felt lots better thanks to Miss Hestia’s teeth cleaning abilities.

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