Saffron and Showman 2

Veronica and Hestia at the table. Hestia is just barely visible from Brad's spot over the table, and Veronica is laughing.Veronica and Hestia at the restaurant smiling at the camera(Video below) Today we went out for lunch with Brad’s parents at an Indian restaurant called Saffron.  I had the buffet, and got lots of tasty vegetarian dishes.  Hestia did GREAT!  I think I did 3 trips to the buffet and she stayed in heel position while I got my food and everything.  We got a video of the last time, getting one last serving of rice pudding!  I had a very very yummy lunch, my favorites were the pakoras and the rice pudding.

Veronica holding Hestia in the movie theater. You an clearly see Hestia's new bandana that is green and yellow and says "Service Dog Hestia"After lunch, we headed to the movie theater to see The Greatest Showman.  Now the movie theater was HARD for Hestia!  There was popcorn all over the floor everywhere we went, even napkins!  (crumpled paper is Hestia’s nemesis).  We shot a quick video working on heeling and leave it with the popcorn.

Veronica and Hestia cuddling at the movie theaterFor some reason Hestia thinks leave-it involves first going over to the item and sniffing it, and then coming back to me.  If anyone has ideas on how to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it!

It was a fun outing, and we were so happy to get out with Brad’s parents!

Here is the video:



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