Pocket hand 2

Today we did some training outside our house with the long line.  I was working mostly on the pocket hand, which is where you hold the treat on the left side of the dog’s head in a little pocket shape and it requires the dog to get their butt in and straighten up their heel to right next to you in heel position.

I tried doing 1 step at a time and then 1-2-3 step heeling.  Hestia really has troubles with this start and stop stuff.  So I decided to switch it up and do some small step heeling, and some regular heeling.  She is much better in motion.

We made the video at the start of the training session, and by the end of the training session she had improved so much we did a little update!  Again I was shooting for a 1 min video, but with all of me talking about what I’m doing, 2 cars passing us, and me generally not being aware of the time the video is 4 minutes.  I swear I’ll get a 1 minute video someday!

I just fed her dinner, and I used half her dinner working on a stationary get into heel position (what I call “heel up”).  I really can see the progress just with a few days of work!

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