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Hestia and I have been having trouble with our heel so we are videotaping our progress and asking for feedback.  Without treats she is a mess and acts like she has no clue what anything means.  Well, I should qualify, no treats and not in the ring she loses all focus.  She can heel wonderfully in the ring without treats.  Sigh.

I’ve decided to go back to the basics and retrain a heel outside the ring.  Enter the long line.  My friend Chanda showed me some videos of her working with her dog on a long line.  Even though I have two long lines, I’ve never actually worked on heeling with a long line.  Just on come.

After a couple of times scampering to the end of the leash, Hestia was happy to walk next to me and get treats.  The few times she got distracted, I was able to regain her focus either with come or with running away and looking like I was having fun.  When I stopped I put her in a front like Chanda suggested instead of letting her choose her own position.

She gets it with treats.  Not the best, but she does seem to know what is wanted. Just I can’t seem to figure out how to break her off the treats.  I’ve never been good at transitioning off of treats with any dog that I’ve had.  Suggestions are welcome!

Here is the video:

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