Thanksgiving Day 2

We woke up in the morning on Thanksgiving and headed over to my parents’ house.  My mom had made us gluten-free pumpkin muffins and a loaf of gluten-free bread for breakfast.  We also had tea, which was super tasty (though I learned the reason I used to not like tea was because I never added sugar– it is tasty with the sugar!).  I wore my green renaissance dress with burgundy leggings.  It was cold!

We spent the morning watching train crash videos on youtube.  Because yes, we are those people who love trains and train crashes.  My favorite two train crash videos are ones where no one was hurt.  The first is a semi truck with its load of grain crossing the tracks.  The train cuts the load in half and the semi driver just drives away.  Meanwhile, a van (we like to say with a soccer mom inside) backs up and takes an alternate route when she sees the train approaching!

The other favorite video of mine is when a freight train got knocked off the tracks by a tornado.  That one is really cool.

Anyway, then we went to have lunch at the Chart House.  It is one of my parents’ favorite fancy restaurants.  They had a traditional thanksgiving meal there, as well as their normal menu which is mostly seafood.  Daddo and I got the Thanksgiving meal, while Mommo and Braddo got fish.  The turkey was ho hum, but the sides were great, and the pecan pie was awesome!  I got to order a glass of Prosecco which is one of my favorite kinds of wine (it is sweet and sparkling).

Veronica in the middle with her dad and mom on either side.  Hestia is kinda squished in so you can't really see her.

Veronica in the middle with her dad and mom on either side. Hestia is kinda squished in so you can’t really see her.

We also were in a prime location right next to a window so we could look out and see the barge traffic going by on the river.  It was super cool.

Then we went back to our house and hung out watching Highway Through Hell and old Disney cartoons on VHS that my mom had saved in the basement.  My favorite cartoon was the one of Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land.  It is an AWESOME cartoon!  I highly recommend watching it.  In fact, here is a link to it on youtube:

We also spent some time decorating the tree for my niece when she comes at Xmas time.  And we did a puzzle of birdies, or at least started it!

I was so zonked out when we left that I couldn’t even get my shoes on properly LOL!  I just didn’t want the day to end!

Here are the pictures:

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