Precocious Pre-Agility 2

Veronica holds a tired Hestia with the American flag in the backgroundLast night, we had our last pre-agility class, and Brad got some great video of it.  It was the 7th week, which is a bonus week, so we just set up some courses and had at it!  It was really fun!

We did various courses involving three jumps, a tire jump, a tunnel, and a teeter totter.  Hestia did a great job, and my crosses (switching to her other side) weren’t that bad, too.  She did have a little trouble with the tire jump– mostly because even when it is on the ground it is still a pretty tall thing for her to jump over.  So I had to throw a treat through the tire for her to understand she needed to go through the tire.

It was a lot of fun watching all my new friends doing the course.  All the dogs were having a blast, and the people were, too.  Though the people usually ended up more tired than the dog at the end of running around and going through 9 obstacles!

I tried out a new look for agility class– pigtails!  I was wearing my purple skirt that my friend Jessica Shade made for me, and a purple top.  We looked pretty good out there, and it was nice not to have my hair falling in my face.  So I’m thinking a braid or pigtails for agility classes in the future.

Here is the video, enjoy!

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