Lending out your service dog 3

Today Hestia and I went over to our friend CJ’s house to work more on the WRAP (a way to use your wellness to prepare for your illness).  We are doing it with our friend Dan.

Dan was having a bit of a harder time today, and when we sat on the couch to work on our WRAP plans, Hestia went right over to him and lay down in his lap.  I didn’t need her at the time, and I guess Hestia felt she could do more good work with Dan than with me.

She stayed with him about half the time we were there.

We had a great time, and I am looking forward to our next WRAP meeting next week.  But I thought I would share that sometimes our dogs can sense that other people need them more than we do.  And that it is OK to share your service dog with a friend having a hard time 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Lending out your service dog

  • Team Blue

    Tao alerts to a tribe member’s seizures where we live. Tao will always try to make anyone who he thinks is upset or sick feel better. If he thinks someone is losing their balance, he tries to get between their legs and stabilize them (this is what he does when I am vacuuming or standing in line). I let him have at it until the person he is “helping” reassures him that they are ok. He will check in with me often if he is helping another person. Keep that WRAP work going–it is invaluable!! *gives Empress Hestia an extra lap round the agility course <3

    • Team Blue

      Forgot to say that Doppler would do SOME of this, but seriously nothing like Tao. Dopp loved his tribe, but really wanted to work with his mom more than other folks. We thought it was because the Karelian Bear Dog in him caused him to be a one-person dog.