Dosa, so duh! 2

Yummy Indian foodYesterday Brad and I went on a date to celebrate (very late!) my birthday!  We went to an Indian restaurant, Persis.

I’d been having a lot of trouble figuring out which reality was real, real reality vs the Twilight Universe.  So eating Indian food was a good way to remember that I belong in the real reality since I don’t drink blood.

Veronica sitting happily in front of a large dosaI was able to get my favorite Indian food- a dosa!  Dosas are thin crepe-like things made with rice and lentil flour, filled with spiced potatoes and other yummy things.  I also got a mango lassi– a yogurt drink that is soooooo tasty.

Brad eating yummy Indian foodI also passed my 20 lbs lost mark!  I think you can really see the difference between the picture of me in the blog header vs these pics now!  I am very proud of myself for losing so much weight, and I’m not about to stop now!

We had a great time, and I hope we can go again soon!Veronica slurping up a Mango Lassi through a straw

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2 thoughts on “Dosa, so duh!

  • Team Blue

    Oh, that looks AMAZING!! Major congratulations on your 20 lb mark–here’s to your continued success, and too, you can buy some premade Indian food on Amazon…that’s how I get my fix aka the only way I can afford it 😛