Caring Connections 2

Today we gave a presentation for the Caring Connections Conference, a state-wide conference for people in the mental health care field.  We were asked to give a presentation on psychiatric service dogs.

I think it went really well!  It was an hour and a half talk, and Brad and I each spoke for about half the time.  I did all the slides on how a psych dog can help, and told lots of service dog stories.  Brad handled the legal stuff.

We had probably over 30 people in our room for our talk, and they all seemed to enjoy it a lot!  We got many thank yous and a lot of people took printed materials so that they could contact us.

I had a few times where my brain went a little blank, but I got through them really quickly.  Hestia was a big hit!  Especially when she alerted in the middle of the presentation when I started to get really anxious.  I was holding her and she stood up in my arms, looked me directly in the eyes, and started licking my mouth.  Perfect alert!

Here is a picture we got of us at the conference.  Brad is wearing a black suit with the PSDP t-shirt underneath, and I am wearing my ruffled yellow dress.  Hestia wore her green vest that used to be Peregrine’s.

Brad, Hestia, and Veronica in front of a screen that has our talk projected on it

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