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On Wednesday we had our second pre-agility class, and of course Brad made a great video of it.  I was having a high pain day, so I loaded up on painkillers, and away we went!

We had two rings for class this week.  We split the group of us in half, and my group went to the ring next door to the “play” area.  At least that’s what it seems like to me– a doggie playground!

We worked on the wobble board more, and wrapping around cones.  There were places to practice contacts (your dog has to touch the yellow contact area before getting off the equipment), and my favorite, they had a baby teeter totter there.

Hestia did GREAT!  Especially on the teeter totter.  She has been on one before, accidentally…  I was walking next to it in Bit’s class and suddenly noticed her nonchalantly midway on it, but I caught the teeter and lowered it slowly, so that doesn’t count.  I had so much fun with Hestia on the teeter totter!  My favorite part was when the teeter had gotten bumped so that she was facing the end that was up.  She jumped up and onto the end of the teeter, and of course it came crashing down.  She was not bothered in the least.

Next we went to the other ring and practiced doing jumps with no bar in there for them to jump, just the frame of the jump.  Well, for Hestia, that’s practically how high the jump will be, so I guess Hestia got to practice jumping.  The other dogs got to practice walking over the jumps LOL!  She was very eager to do the jumps and get treats and pets at the other end.  No problems there!

Those are the things in the video, but we did other things in class too.  We worked on the tunnel, which was a little longer this week.  We stood in a line together and worked on stays with our dogs and then recalling them to us from a stay like we were starting an agility course.  We worked on a few more things, but I can’t remember them now.

Brad was really busy over the next few days, so that is why the video didn’t get made until late last night (early this morning?).  It is a hilarious video, and even includes a short blooper reel.

The first blooper we were at the teeter, which was right next to the accordion fencing separating the rings.  Hestia got tired of the teeter, so she went underneath the fencing (only a really small dog could fit!) and tried to visit in the next ring over!  Luckily I caught her right away!

The other blooper was simply me tripping over a mat.

Enjoy the video, I think it is one of the funniest and best ones so far!


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