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Veronica and Hestia standing in a cool bike rackToday, on what felt like the spur of the moment, we decided to go to the library and get library cards.  We’ve been here nearly 3 years now, so it is about time!

Veronica and Hestia in front of city hall with the wind blowing their hair around

I had a very hard time leaving the house again, but once we got outside and to the library, I was OK.  The car ride was hard, though.

We couldn’t figure out where to park and didn’t know there was a parking lot behind the library, so we ended up parking at city hall and walking to the library.  Of course Brad could not resist taking some pictures as we walked over to the library, and as we walked back to our car.

Veronica and Hestia at the library looking at books

We also got a few pictures of us in the library looking at books.  In one picture Brad is holding up the book he checked out, it is a Terry Pratchett book.  And of course Hestia was wearing her new Hufflepuff vest!  I was wearing a pink and orange dress, and Brad had on a blue shirt.

Brad in the library with his Terry Pratchett book

As we checked out, we showed the library staff Hestia’s vest and a few of them got it right away as soon as they saw the fabric!  Then we saw a section of free books the library didn’t want anymore.  Brad found another Terry Pratchett book in there!  I picked up a fantasy/romance since I’ve never read a book like that before.  And I got a mystery.  But mostly I will be using the library for eBooks.

Hestia and her Hufflepuff vest in front of a fountainI forgot to bring treats, but Hestia did SO well heeling!  She did pull sometimes, but I was able to say “easy” and she’d return to me, or if she did not, I just stopped and waited for her to check in with me.  All this devotion to heel training may just be paying off for my dog bred to warm laps and make laughs.

Veronica walking and Hestia prancing along a green space.

Veronica walking and Hestia prancing along a green space.

Here are all the pictures:

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