Pre-agility prep school 2

Hestia sitting on the wobble board, tongue hanging out

Today was Hestia’s first Pre-Agility class!  We had a LOAD of fun!  We started out with targeting, and while Hestia targets to my hand very easily, and to a plastic lid in my hand, whenever I put the target on the floor she just lays on top of it instead of touching it.  So more work there!

They had two wobble boards there, big and small.  Hestia tackled those with no fear at all!  She hopped right on and walked around with the wobble board wobbling like it was nothing!

Hestia going around a little orange coneWe worked on going around an obstacle, as well.  I started out with Ollie’s command for going around an obstacle, “Go around” pointing with my finger at the thing she was to go around.  But she kept giving me a right spin.  Finally I realized that “round” was her right spin cue, and the finger pointing is very close to the round cue.  So I decided to use “wrap” for going around things and use a flat palm.  Once we figured that out, she did a very good job.

They had a tunnel there, and Hestia did a great job running through the tunnel. No fear, and in fact enjoyment was in her eyes as she ran through the tunnel a few times.

Hestia going through the tunnelThe last thing we worked on was a front cross.  This is when your dog is on your left, they go around and obstacle, and you turn so that the dog will be on your right when they are finished with the obstacle.  This one is training for the human, not for the dog LOL!  I did OK, and didn’t trip and fall once 🙂  I was wearing my green sandals (I trip and fall in them the least) so I think I’ll keep wearing them for future pre-agility classes.

Hestia standing in front of a wing jump, looking cute with her tongue hanging outBrad made a wonderful video of Hestia in class, and he got some great photos, too!  I was apprehensive about trying something so new (we’ve only done rally and obedience things before), but it was a blast and Hestia really enjoyed herself!  Can’t wait for class 2 next week!

Here is the video:

Here is a link to all the pictures (only 22 of them), enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Pre-agility prep school

  • Team Blue

    Our trainer suggested a tunnel and a wobble board thing for Miss Dejapants…after seeing how much fun her Empress has in there, I think we are going to look for one!! Great troubleshooting on the command conflict! 😀

    • Veronica Morris Post author

      Hestia has loads of fun with the wobble board and tunnel– but she was exposed to them both as a baby puppy in her first puppy class. So I say definitely get one for Deja! Ollie never saw anything like that as a puppy, and he cannot do the wobble board.