When you think you can go out alone 4

While we were at the NAMI convention, I had a realization of how much I need Hestia.  As we were leaving the parking garage, I got an urge to pee.  So Brad stopped the car and let me out to go back into the hotel to pee.

For some reason, I thought I didn’t need Hestia to come with me.  I wasn’t really thinking right, so I left Hestia in the car with Brad while I went in search of a restroom.

Walking across the pedestrian bridge to the hotel was OK.  It was a bit tougher taking the first elevator, and then I had to walk all the way across the entire lower floor of the hotel to get to the restroom.  It was pretty crowded, and I started to freak out a bit.  I didn’t have my Hestia to help calm me down (or warn me that I was getting sick).

I barely made it to the bathroom, and practically ran back across the lobby, up the elevator, and across the pedestrian bridge.  I was SO happy to see Hestia again, and she was licking my face so much, probably to help me and because she had been worried about me.

Brad said she was okay when I left. She didn’t bark or whine, but did look around for me the whole time.  So I am grateful that we don’t have separation anxiety, but I have learned now to always take my dog, even if I think I’ll just be a second!

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