The ER sickens me 4

Veronica looking miserable in the ER with Hestia on her lap and the Tinkerbell blanketYesterday, as soon as I got home from the grocery store, I started feeling very lightheaded and fainty.  I lay down on the couch and tried drinking lots of water and eating salty food in case it was my blood pressure.

By the time 8PM came around I was feeling very dizzy with a headache and all around feeling terrible.  I called urgent care and they said to go to the hospital.   Then I called our 24 hr nurse line and they said I should go to the hospital.  So off to the hospital we went.

Veronica standing to get an XrayTurns out it was not a good day to go to the hospital because all of the beds were filled.  So I had to wait in the waiting room the whole time.  A few times they pulled me aside for tests– an EKG, X-ray, and blood tests.  Since my case was a difficult one, they wanted to wait until I had a room to talk with the doctor.  That meant waiting for 4 hours in hard uncomfortable chairs, retching, feeling extremely lightheaded, and generally miserable.

Veronica getting her blood drawn with Hestia looking onI just couldn’t sit upright anymore, it was making me so dizzy and nauseous, and Brad asked how long it would be until I got a bed and they said it could be hours as all the beds were full.  So we decided to just go home and relax and hope I got better overnight.

I went to bed still feeling really ill, and I didn’t sleep well, but when I woke up I was feeling better.  I was able to eat breakfast and lunch and drink a poweraid despite residual nausea.  I still have a horrible headache.

Veronica attempts to smile with Hestia on her lap in the ER in a wheelchairWe were planning to go back today to finish getting test results and such, but I really don’t want to leave the house.  So maybe we’ll go request my medical records soon so I can see what the outcome of the tests were.   I’m hoping I don’t have to go back later today!

Brad took some pics of me during the ordeal, because what would an outing be without pictures LOL?!

Luckily I am feeling better today.  Just a little nauseous and a headache.  Hoping the fainting doesn’t come back because I don’t feel like going anywhere today!  Here are all the pictures:

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4 thoughts on “The ER sickens me

  • Kyrie-Inn Blue

    Total insanity, that waiting thing, especially when one is THAT miserable 🙁 So THAT’S the famous Tink blankie! I do that too, when I have to be in those places–mine is a New England Patriots one. Hope the headache is going back down. You may be able to call in and get what results are available, just in case. Way to go, Team Morris!! <3

    • Veronica Morris Post author

      Thanks! Yes, we have to go to the medical records office to get them. Hopefully I’ll be up for that soon if I’m not going back to the ER. I fell asleep during my normal dinner time and now I am so weak I can’t get up. Brad is fixing food for me and hopefully that will help.