Platforms and Publix 2

Hestia looks over her shoulder, ready to start classYesterday was the last day of our platforms class.   It has been a great class and we have learned so much!  Bit is such a good teacher, and Hestia is really improving being in her classes.

Hestia on a platform, getting a treat from Veronica in a tie dye pink dressWe started out working on platform choice.  We set up three platforms and would stand in front of one of them and give the front command.  At first we would throw a treat back so they could come at the platforms straight, but pretty quickly I was able to move Hestia to just switching from one platform to another.

Next we worked on rear end work.  I have been slacking on rear end work training, I’ve still been luring Hestia.  But Bit wanted us to set up with her paws on the platform, and then I move around and see if Hestia would move with me to stay in a front position.  Hestia did beautifully!  I am really loving her rear end work!  It’s something we’ve worked on a lot over the years, and she is finally rivaling Ollie in his rear end work!

Platform choice and rear end work were captured by Brad on video.  Next he took pictures for the rest of the class.

We worked on weaving through our legs with platforms on either end as markers.  I haven’t really worked on weaves with Hestia at all.  Usually because I am wearing a long skirt or dress.  Luckily today my dress only went down to my knees, so I was able to do it.

Hestia going through Veroinca's legs in a figure 8

It involves standing in between two platforms and luring Hestia through my legs to the other platform.  Pretty quickly we were able to move from luring into having her follow my empty hand.  She is pretty good at this, and I think I’ll be working on it a lot more.  Plus it will be a fun dance move for the convention next year!

Hestia mid-spin with her hair flowingWe also worked on spin, which I call loop and round.  Loop is for a left spin, and round for a right spin.  I use left and right with heeling, so I had to choose new names for spinning.  Hestia is a pro at spinning.  In fact, her breed is known for spinning– they call it the Chin spin!  We worked on spinning while staying on the platforms, so keeping it really tight.  Hestia did great at this!

Brad made an awesome gif of Hestia spinning, but I can’t get it up upload, so here is the link:

Hestia doing the Chin Spin

Hestia does the chin spinWe worked on positions, too.  For this we have three platforms, one in front, and one on each side.  We practice calling our dog to the correct position and the platform helps to line them up with us well.  Hestia did great with front and heel-up, but other side she kept wanting to face backwards instead of forwards.  So that is something to train more for sure.

After class, Brad took some pictures of Hestia doing the A frame, which she LOVES!  She really enjoys climbing on things, which is a trait of a Chin, so I don’t know why it is such a shocker to me.  Brad got a gif of her doing the A frame, click the link below to see it!

Hestia doing the A frame

We will certainly miss this class, but we are looking forward to taking pre-agility in the fall session at Charlotte Dog Training Club.  We will also be assisting in teaching rally novice.  Should be a fun, but very busy, 7 weeks!

After class, we went to Publix for some yogurt, milk (almond), and fruit.  Hestia was PERFECT in the store.  Perfect heel, paying attention to me, ignoring stuff on the floor and everything.  I was very very proud!  I guess if I get her tired enough, she behaves better– a tired dog is a well behaved dog!

Here is a link to all the pictures.  Enjoy!

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  • Kyrie-Inn Blue

    so much truth to the tired puppy is a good puppy, as I watch Deja doing zoomies up and down the hallway almost sideways! no brakes, that one. Pretty sure Her Empress Hestia was a break dancer in the royal courts at one point–I need them chin spin moves! 😀