Freezer aisle and fainting trials 6

I overdid yesterday, so today was hard.  We had therapy today.  Brad comes which me, which is good because my memory is so bad, but it’s also bad because he tells on me like eating sugary cereals.  We got through therapy OK, but got some dietary changes prescribed.

So we stopped by Earth Fare on the way home.  We just got a few items, but Hestia was being so good in the store.  There were a few pieces of trash she picked up off the floor, but other than that she was good.

We took a video of her heeling in the freezer aisle, which she used to be afraid of.  I opened a few doors so you can see that she just sits there outside of the reach of the door and lets me do my thing.  We also are working on making heeling more fun, so we threw a few loops in there, too.  I hope you enjoy the video!

Unfortunately when I got home, I think I overdid it today, too, and have been feeling really fainty and lightheaded.  I hope that goes away soon.  I’ve been drinking a lot of water, and eating, so hopefully I will feel better.  If anyone else has home remedies of how to stop feeling lightheaded, fainty, and dizzy, I would appreciate hearing about them!


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6 thoughts on “Freezer aisle and fainting trials

  • Kyrie-Inn Blue

    Lookit that brave Empress!! 😀 Outstanding! You tell Brad laughing that he bribed you with sugary cereal not that long ago, so he can’t rat you 😛 Not sure what to tell you about the dizzies, because I live with them from different diagnoses. Only one thing I can recommend is trying to find a blood pressure whatsit for at home and start tracking it. Fluids and increased salt intake (I do 2-3 gallons of fluid a day, but not stellar with the salt) are what I have to do to keep my blood volume up. Check with whomever your GP or if you have specialists for any physical things if those are possibly helpful in your case. <3

    • Veronica Morris Post author

      LOL I forgot about the sugary cereal bribe! I’m thinking of getting a blood pressure monitor, but in the means time I am drinking lots of water. I am hoping it is a temporary thing! Maybe I’ll have some salted nuts or something.

  • Kassandra

    Eat something every 5 hours, something protein. It may be a reaction to the new meds too. I’ve been doing the light headedness on my new med too.

  • Miranda Hart

    Whenever you have these spells having a blood pressure cuff and a glucometer (to check blood sugar) will help. Is it worse standing than sitting when this happens? If so, check your heart rate and blood pressure sitting then standing. If your heart rate rises over 30 bpm or your blood pressure drops you may be looking at some sort of dysautonomia. But these could also be symptoms of hypoglycemia. For me it’s dysautonomia (specifically POTS) so laying down, eating something salty and drinking fluids helps. As far as battling the dizziness, holding onto something helps as well as focusing on one object in the room, not looking around. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • Veronica Morris Post author

      Yup, it is worse standing than sitting, and worse sitting upright than reclining. We ordered a blood pressure cuff thingie yesterday on Amazon, it’ll be here Monday. We got a coupon for CVS and will be buying a blood sugar test kit there most likely. Thank you!