Goodbye Scarlet, hello Maya Wrap and LuLa Roe 2

Warning ahead of time, this is going to be a long post!  We had a goodbye for Scarlet at the Bagel Boat, and I got two new birthday presents!  So let’s start at the beginning of the day.

Our NAMI group outside Bagel Boat

Today was Bagel Boat day, where all my NAMI friends get together and have bagels (well, I have a cinnamon bun or ice cream) and chat.  It is a great group of people.  Scarlet has been coming for a while to these, but today was her last one (at least for a while) because she is moving to Florida!  In fact, she went straight from Bagel Boat to the airport I think!

Veronica in a turquoise dress trying on some wildly colored leggingsWe had a great time chatting with everyone, and the Bagel Boat had one of its rooms turned into a temporary LuLa Roe shop.  For those not familiar, this is a line of clothing that is sold kinda how tupperware and Mary Kay are sold.  The clothing is all really comfy and colorful– loads of leggings and flattering tops.  Scarlet found some leggings that she wanted, and a friend told me she’d buy one for me as an early birthday present!

I was thrilled!  I have wanted a pair of LuLa Roe leggings for a very very long time.  I chose a pair that have a green background with orange, red, and turquoise paisley and yellow flower type things on it.  I was so excited I put them on then and there underneath my dress!  Who cares how hot it is, I have LuLa Roe leggings!

Hestia (black and white Japanese Chin) and Gigi (black mini poodle) pose in front of an American flagIt was sad to see Scarlet and Gigi for the last time in a long while, but we made sure to get a group shot of everyone at Bagel Boat and at least one shot of Hestia and Gigi together (the ground was kinda hot for long stays).

When we got home, Brad’s birthday present to me arrived.  It was a Maya Wrap in rainbow colors!  I have an old Maya Wrap from Chanda that I love, it is very comfy.  I also bought a cheaper knock off wrap from amazon that was of a material that was more difficult to use.  So I knew I wanted to stick with the Maya Wrap brand.

Veronica carrying Hestia in a rainbow slingTurns out that certain fabrics are being discontinued, so instead of being $80, the one I wanted was only $44!  That’s still a LOT of money to me, but after getting it, it is worth it (and maybe even worth the $80 depending on how often you use a sling!)

Hestia in her rainbow Maya Wrap saying hi to Ollie who is sitting on the ground.They have come out with a new Maya Wrap that is called a Lightly Padded wrap.  It is SO much more comfortable!  The shoulder area is padded and at a fixed width so it doesn’t ride up on your neck and spreads out easily across your shoulder.  I was amazed how comfortable it is!  I cannot recommend the Maya Wrap any better than I already am.  It is just great.  The colors are great, and I don’t think they’re too too unprofessional.  If you are in the market for a ring sling, save up your money for the best one on the market IMO!

Of course the new leggings and Maya Wrap meant a fashion show in the back yard!  We got some really good shots of Hestia in her Maya Wrap.  We got a close up on the rainbow leash for Elaine J.  And then it was time to show off the leggings!

Veronica standing on one leg, holding the other leg an her arms up in the air to show off her colorful LuLa Roe leggingsWell, Brad got a little carried away, and I guess I did, too.  We didn’t have Lizzy there to come up with good posing ideas, so he asked me to be a fox and a bunny rabbit and then jump up in the air.  This resulted in lots of funny pictures.  And one of the times I jumped up, I landed whompyjog and fell over (luckily right next to instead of on top of a pile of poop).  Hestia was a “good service dog” and ran away LOL.  Of course Brad caught this all on camera, and he made a gif of it.  So now you can see me in my jumping and falling glory in my new leggings.

And one more good thing, my depressed mood seems to be lifting!  I know the Vreylar takes a while to take effect, but I have been on it over a week now.  It is seeming like it might actually do good things for me!  So that is wonderful!  I am feeling up to making plans with friends and everything, though I’m going to take it slow in case it is a mood swing and not just overall improved mood.

Veronica jumping and falling down, barely missing dog poop!Here are all the pictures:

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Scarlet, hello Maya Wrap and LuLa Roe

  • Kyrie-Inn Blue

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE LEAP!!
    NICE britches. Totally would wear them. Tell Scarlett we said welcome to FL when you check in with her! Excellent news on the mood changes with the new med. Bestest birthday present ever would be a definite yes on the med, I bet. Ima keep those wraps on my list in case we ever do raise a little SD. They look amazing, and it sure beats the tote bag I rigged for Tao as a wee one, lol!! Keep celebrating, Dr. V, you got this!! 😀