Platform hopping and Sam’s shopping 2

Hestia on a platform looking straight up into the cameraToday we had platforms class!  I made a new platform for Hestia so she would have two of them.  Turns out today we worked with three of them, so I need to make one final one!  Luckily I have the materials to do that.

When we got to class, Hestia refused to take treats from me.  Bit gave me some cheese to use, and that worked really well.  I guess Hestia is sick of these jerky treats that I have 🙁 So I am going to be making treats myself this week.  Hopefully she will like those!Hestia in heel position, sticking her tongue outWe have been working on naming the positions of heel, front, and other side on the platforms.  So today we were putting out three platforms and then asking the dog for the command, and then the dog had to figure out which platform to go to.  Hestia was pretty good at that, though with the wider platforms she is very crooked on them.  I’m trying to reward for being on the platform and will fine tune her straightness after we get the platforms down.

We worked on sending our dogs to a platform, which Hestia was not very good at.  She wanted to stay with me, so I had to kind of run up to the platform and have her jump onto it in front of me.

Bit helping Hestia into a stand and Hestia is loving it!


Hestia did great working on sits and downs on the platform, though she still doesn’t have a stand.  I was greatly impressed with her stay on the platform (both sit and down) but by then class was nearing its end and she was getting less focused.

The last thing we worked on was rear end work, which usually is not a problem with her.  But she was just done with class by then, and not even Bit’s special bacon could get her focus back.  So I just picked her up and held her and watched everyone.

Veronica in a green skirt directing Hestia to the front position from heelAfter class, Brad did some desensitization to wheelchairs for one of the dogs in the class.  Brad loves doing this, and the dogs usually end up loving it too because they get special Brad pets (he is a master petter) and good treats.  Next week they will work on Brad moving around more in the chair.

Hestia making a silly face with her tongue out and eyes wildNext we stopped by Sam’s on the way home.  Hestia was not in the mood to work, and I was having a hard time, so I put her in my Maya Wrap.  The brand name Maya Wrap is really much better than the cheaper knockoff ones.  We happily went around the store together and got our groceries.  Hestia was noticing my anxiety so she was licking me and I was kissing her back quite a bit.  It was very relaxing.

Veronica looking extremely happy in front of a wall of ribbons

Then as I was unloading the groceries into the car, Hestia hit me with her double barreled snot gun.  That’s right, I said snot gun (credit to Brad for this term!).  Her nose is so smushed that it is pushed at an upward angle.  So if she sneezes and you are holding her, you get a face full of little Hestia snot!  And I had just cleaned my glasses right before going.

So off to cuddle with the doggies, and tomorrow I plan to try to make the new treats!  Here are all the pictures:

Also, Brad finished up editing his photos he took at the 2017 UCI BMX World Championship!  Take a peek here for his pictures:

BMX racers jumping over a hill

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