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Ollie at the Vet's office looking calm while Hestia sits by in Brad's lap.Today we had to take Ollie (named Ollivander after the wandmaker in Harry Potter) to the vet.  Ever since he was 6 months old, he’s had an occasional “dizzy spell” where he shakes, drools, and acts dizzy.  They used to be about every 6 months.  As he has aged, they’ve gotten more frequent.  In the past month or two, he has been having them every other week.  So we took a video of his “dizzy spell”, and friends online told us it was a seizure.

Hestia in focus, looking to the side in a yellow SD bandana, with Ollie and Veronica in the backgroundOllie was very good at the vet’s office.  He loved on the tech and on the vet, and didn’t even make a peep when two dogs in the waiting area sounded like they got in a fight (we were in an exam room).  I think he was a bit nervous.  We had to wait in the exam room for a while, so Brad took out his camera.

Brad got some great shots of Hestia in the foreground with Ollie and me in the background out of focus.  They are really good pictures!  He got a few of Ollie, and some of Hestia trying to calm Ollie down.  It was so sweet how she helped her big brother.

Hestia and Ollie with their heads together at the vet.  Hestia is comforting Ollie.I was anxious while we were in the room, when the vet was telling us all the things it could be.  Brad had Hestia on his lap, so she was of no help.  Ollie jumped right into service dog mode, leaning on me, shoving his head into my hands for grounding and deep pressure therapy.  I think it made him feel proud to be working again!

The vet said Ollie was having seizures, and gave us a prescription that should help slow them down if not stop them.  Ollie’s diagnosis is idiopathic epilepsy.

Here’s a link to all the pictures Brad kept (only 15):

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