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Hestia sitting, looking gleaming white

I’ve been having a really hard bout of agoraphobia this week. I haven’t been able to go out since Saturday. Not even to the grocery store where I was bribed with sugary cereal, and not even to NAMI. Today we had platforms class, and I was determined to make it there!

I panicked a bit in the car on the way over, but with Hestia in my lap it wasn’t too too bad. We arrived early and Brad got to play with Journey, Laurie’s new pup! Laurie was thinking Brad is a guy, with a beard, in a wheelchair, which is a triple threat for socialization! As soon as he saw Brad, he went right over to him, hopped up on his chair, and gave him kisses through his beard! Perfect reaction!

Journey, a 16 week old Belgian Turvuren and Hestia (half his size or less!) playingFor a short while, I allowed Hestia to play with Journey, and they had fun, but Hestia was a bit too small for it to be really safe.

Then we had class, which was a very good class. I’ve been having problems with Hestia wanting to sit on the platform instead of stand on it. Seems like she will never learn to stand ๐Ÿ™

Hestia on a platform in heel position with VeronicaBut we borrowed a wider platform of Bit’s and Hestia was suddenly able to do it pretty much just fine. We worked on the three positions with the platforms– heel, front, and other side. Surprisingly Hestia did great with front and other side, but the sit in heel position is too ingrained!

We also worked on rear end work. We got out upside down bowls and had them put their front two feet on them. Then we used our body movement to get them to sidle over a little bit using their rear end. Hestia did pretty OK at it! ย Brad took and edited a fun little video about her learning rear end work on the platform.

But by that time I was done, and I think Hestia knew it and she stopped taking treats. But Bit got out some turkey bacon and Hestia was ready to go a bit longer he he he. My brain just turned to mush.

On the way home, my brain was such mush that I couldn’t figure out how to call someone and write down when they were free at the same time.

When we got home, we had a convention planing meeting which went well, but oh my aching brain. All I could manage to do was lie down on the couch with my eyes closed. To be clear, I didn’t have a headache, but my brain felt like soup or mush or something. I couldn’t think at all.

Hestia hasn’t seen me like that so often so I had to do some training at Brad’s urging. Ollie came over and gave my legs a bath, which helped a lot. Unfortunately I was hungry, but I couldn’t understand how I was going to cut up the chicken and green beans. Mainly the chicken because it had the bone in.

Veronica smiling with a plate of cut up chicken and green beansBrad went into the kitchen and unbeknownst to me, he got out my chicken and green beans and cut everything including the green beans into bite sized pieces for me. I am really spoiled by Brad, he helps me so much. So I was able to eat, and lie down some more, and now my brain feels like a slushy instead of like soup.

I really wish I could take tomorrow off, but I HAVE to take Ollie to the vet for his possible seizures, and I have a therapist appointment which Brad says when I’m not doing well it’s a perfect time for that. Brad will be with me and driving me for both of those as my brain can’t handle driving right now.

Here are the pictures Brad took. Oh yeah, and from now on, Brad not only takes the pictures, he goes through and edits them (and maybe the videos, too). You may notice he has a more selective eye than I do, so there are fewer similar pictures in there, and a lot fewer pictures overall.

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