Mental Healthcare Daze 8

A man lying in the street injured, with people around him assisting.Today we had our NAMI meeting in Rock Hill.  On our way there, we were driving along and a man stumbled down a small hill and fell in the street.  Our first thought was that he was suicidal.  But it turns out he had just fallen down the hill.


He had recently had titanium implants on his ribs from a motorcycle accident, and his ribs were really hurting and pushing out a bit.  Brad blocked traffic from hitting the man with our van, and I got out to help.


Luckily fire rescue was on their way super quickly, and we were able to get to NAMI on time 🙂  Brad took a picture of the scene.  It is basically a lot of people standing around a man on the ground.


Closeup of Veronica's face with her purple and orange glasses as a nice compliment to the fluorescent green wall behind herThen we had our NAMI meeting!  It was a really good meeting.  We had 12 people there, but luckily about half the people were doing OK and didn’t need to talk about their specific stuff.  So we got to talk with pretty much everyone who came which was good.


I always dread leaving the house for NAMI because it is hard to get me out of the house late at night.  But I always come back from it refreshed and rejuvenated.


I’ve been struggling in recovering from our Carrboro trip and having to do stuff every day.  So our trip was Sunday, and on Monday I had a pdoc (psychiatrist) appointment.  It was really really hard to leave the house for that.  I mean really hard.  But Brad and Hestia got me out and there.  While we were waiting, Brad took some pictures of the office to show how interestingly it is decorated.  It looks kinda like I decorated it!


The pictures show walls of all different vibrant colors, interesting chandeliers, butterflies on the walls, giant crayons on the walls, and interesting patterns painted on the walls and on the flower pots.


Close up of Hestia on my lap with bright green and red walls behind usAnyway, I have something planned for tomorrow (dog class) and Thursday, and I don’t get a rest until Friday.  Then I have Bagel Boat Saturday and a friend is coming over to socialize her new puppy with Brad on Sunday.  So I am once again doing things multiple days in a row, which is overdoing it.  I really need to get back on the schedule of doing one thing every other day.  This leaving the house everyday thing is just not cutting it for me.


Brad had an idea on the way home from NAMI that maybe I shouldn’t make plans without consulting him, so that I don’t over schedule myself.  He is willing to help me say no when I am too busy to do things.  I hate that I have to infringe on Brad’s time to help me manage my time, but I need to do something about this over scheduling problem.  What do others think?  Does this sound like a good idea?


Here are all the pics from the pdoc office and helping the man on the street:

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8 thoughts on “Mental Healthcare Daze

  • Bunny Clayton

    I don’t think it is a bad idea to check in with Brad till maybe you are back on your schedule! We try to stay on the one outing/appointment every other day rule around here . It will get too much. Sometimes we adjust to every two days. I need to plan around everything and everybody plus the issues 🙂 !

  • Blue382Spec

    Do you have a calendar where you write things down or do you keep your appointments from memory? I find that when I’m making an appointment I will generally agree that it is convenient if it is verbal but if I say ‘wait, let me check my calendar’ I realize I’m overscheduling things.

  • Kyrie-Inn Blue

    a bit of a reframe, if I could–you are not infringing on Brad’s time re: letting him help you, because he offered. you would also not be infringing on Brad’s time if you asked him to help you, because that would be self-care/asking for what you need. we all need help with something. you two are a team, a stellar one, continue working together and supporting each other. Good to realize your limitations. Good to get help with what you need 😀 <3

  • chandahagen

    So glad you were able to help the poor guy!

    You are definitely a busy woman!!!!! Being careful not to overbook will help. Just block out days for rest and STICK TO IT!!!!!!!