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Lizzy and Veronica in the pool with their backs to the camera, looking over their shoulders at the camera in the pool.Today we drove up to the Chapel Hill area to see our friend Lizzy and her Japanese Chin SD named Kitten!


We met at Weaver Street Market, which is a cooperatively owned grocery store in Carrboro, North Carolina.  They have a big area out in front of the store where people sit at tables and chairs that are provided, or bring their own chairs, or just walk around.  They have hula hooping, live music, LOTS of kids climbing trees, and a whole lot of fun.  We made a video so y’all could all see what it is like.  It made me miss Berkeley a lot!

Lizzy and Veronica linking arms and drinking iced coffee while Hestia and Kitten sniff each other from the humans' arms

While we were in the Market, they had a free iced coffee sample, and Lizzy and I linked arms to drink it like people do when they’re getting married.  It was super cute, and made an awesome photo.  Make sure to look at all the photos to see the series of photos that Brad took for that because the dogs interact a bit and they are cute!


Veronica and Lizzy (who has a blue streak in her hair) flip their hair for the camera. Hestia and Kitten on the ground are embarrassed by their owners' behaivior!On our way back to the car, we stopped for a fun photo shoot.  We flipped our hair all different kinds of ways, and Brad took pictures of us with our hair doing fun things!  We even got into a Charlie’s Angels pose!  Our photo session was then crashed by someone who obviously was still feeling the effects of something he took the night before.  He was wearing a green bathrobe and carried a purple plastic bag with him.


He proceeded to sit down with us and take out some lipstick that he had found on the floor.  He twisted it to get about 2 cm of lipstick sticking out, and then he broke it off in his hand to try to apply to his lips.  Lizzy was brave and helped him.  It was a very strange encounter.  Brad got pictures of all of this, and the best ones were closeups of Lizzy’s face as we were interacting with him!


Veronica and Lizzy in the pool, resting their chins on their handsNext we went to the Homestead Aquatics Center in Chapel Hill.  It has been built since we moved away, but we knew the area well, as we used to take Sabrina to the dog park which is next door!


We set Brad up at one end of the pool with his new camera and tripod.  Kitten laid on a towel next to him and he held her leash, and Hestia stayed in his lap.  Brad was having a great time snapping pictures of us!


He got so many great photos that I don’t even know if I can describe them all!  He took several series of shots rapid fire of us jumping in the water.  We had a GREAT time!  We did flips in the pool, handstands, swam laps…  Lizzy even did the butterfly!


Lizzy's perfect legs sticking straight out of the water. Veronica got her legs up finally, but the are all akimbo!

The handstands were, um, interesting….  Lizzy (who teaches swimming for a living) was able to do a perfect handstand with her legs together and everything.  You can scroll through the series of pictures and see my legs flailing around as I tried to do it!  It was pretty fun!


Lizzy taught me how to do a turn under water!  It was all really really fun.  But also quite tiring.  When we were done swimming we went over close to Brad and posed in fun poses for him.  We did a picture of us kicking water behind us, we put one leg up on the pool side, we turned our backs to the camera and looked over our shoulders.  It was awesome, and Brad got great pictures.


Veronica and Lizzy laugh together while their Japanese Chin, Hestia and Kitten, look on.After the pool, we went to Lizzy’s house and hung out on her patio for a while before heading home.  We had a great day, and I drove out there and back!  Here are all the photos, enjoy!

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