WRAP and Hairy Potter 9

Veronica wearing a "Hairy Potter" shirt with a furry cat and a potted plant. Hestia looks on.Today we went over to my friend CJ’s house to help him practice for his WRAP training.  WRAP stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan, and it is a great way to use your knowledge of yourself when you are well as an action plan that you can use when things are going badly.


I wore my “Hairy Potter” shirt.  For those with screen readers, it isn’t like the name Harry, instead it says hairy like lots of hair.  The shirt has a picture of a cat potting a plant on it.  A good friend of mine gave it to me a few months before she passed.  So I took a few selfies with the shirt on, of course!


We ate lunch and then got into the WRAP training.  There was a section on support people, and what they should and should not do for you.  Since Hestia was there as a support person (I don’t think she needs her own WRAP!), CJ directed those slides to her, and she just LOVED it!  She really likes CJ.  And she even let Dan pet her for a while on the couch, too!


CJ teaching Hestia how to be a good support person, he is pointing at her and she is loving it!I’m having a lot of fun doing this WRAP training, though it is a LOT of slides to go through!  It doesn’t feel like it takes a long time, though, because CJ is a good interactive teacher who breaks up the powerpoint with questions, response time, and breaks.

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