Black, White, Red, and Blue 12

Today is July 4th!  Earlier, Brad took some pictures in black and white around the house.  He got a great one of Ollie!  Here is a link to the pictures, and here is Ollie (aka Mister Long Legs) in the blog!  The other pictures in the series include our bookshelf with a doll and sock monkey made by my great grandmother, and a silver poodle toy from Ikea that looks like Ollie, and when I had to go out without a SD, that’s the stuffie that comes along with me.  Oh and of course an obligatory one of me sleeping 🙂


I was very proud of myself getting out of the house today.  Today would have been the 5th day of me not leaving the house because I’ve been having hard times.  But it was worth it to go to hang out with Brad’s family!  I also felt better because I weighed myself this AM and I have now lost 12 lbs!!!!!!!  I am not obese anymore according to my wii 🙂


On the way to the in-laws house, we stopped to get some watermelon at Earth Fare, and Brad took a video of Hestia and me working on heeling in heel position while looking ahead and not at me.  At the beginning of the video, she was very distracted by a little boy, but by the end of the video she is really doing a great job.


We got some pics of Hestia and me with the watermelon, and then of Hestia and me with the flowers that Trader Joe’s gave to Brad’s mom for her birthday!


Veronica and Hestia with a nice green watermelon.  Veronica's shirt is red, white, and blue, and she has on a jeans skirt.  Hestia has her regular leash and collar on.We had a great time talking with Brad’s family.  I really feel like I am part of their family, not an outsider at all.  It is such a wonderful feeling, and always seeing them is a great way to break an agoraphobia cycle 🙂  Here are more pics from the 4th, enjoy!

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